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  • Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

    Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

    The Xero® C1 Pro chronograph makes ballistics calculations easy. This compact device fits in your back pocket, measures projectile velocities from 100 fps to 5,000 fps and provides the data you need to refine your equipment. Set up is simple and...

  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Cheyenne - Matte Black, Shadow Gray Flash

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Cheyenne

    The Cheyenne features a low-profile frame that makes it the perfect option for hunters and shooters with smaller faces. Its full wrap design offers complete protection from the elements, while maintaining maximum visibility and air flow. If you want...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Refuge - Dark Gray, Blue Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Refuge

    Built for action and adventure, the Refuge has all the rugged features of its bigger brother, the Becnara, but in a sleek new style. The slightly smaller lenses and frame make the Refuge as fashionable as it is functional. Polarized, flatbill-friendly,...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Payload - Dark Gray, Blue Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Payload

    The Payload was designed for anglers and outdoorsmen who live life on the water. Featuring Lens Ventilation and In-Fused Polarization, the Payload maintains a clear image while eliminating glare, helping you see past the water’s surface to what...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Katmai - Matte Black, Emerald Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Katmai

    These are performance eyewear designed to elevate the outdoor athlete. You’re not here to enjoy the view. You’re here to go higher, farther, and faster. You fill freezers and top podiums. You don’t need sunglasses. You need gear that...

    $129.99 - $159.99
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Packout - Matte Black, Emerald Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Packout

    The Packout™ is the go-to option for any hunter or shooter. ANSI Z87.1+ ballistic protection alongside our proven optical clarity make the Packout™ perfect for every adventure and everyday wear. ELIMINATE THE GLARE,NOT THE ADRENALINE ...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Becnara - Matte Black, Bronze Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Becnara

    The Becnara® fuses Leupold® performance with everyday style. Polarized, shatterproof, rugged, and incredibly clear; they will never let you down. Any day or any adventure, the Becnara stands out in the field. ELIMINATE THE GLARE,NOT THE...

  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Switchback - Matte Black, Emerald Mirror

    Leupold Performance Eyewear - Switchback

    Comfortable on the range, in the field, or on the ride home, the Switchback will quickly become a favorite addition to your everyday kit. ANSI Z87.1+ ballistic protection, lightweight comfort, and unquestionable clarity gives you everything you need and...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • ZCO 5-27x56 ZC527 FDE Riflescope

    Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 Riflescope FDE

    Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 ZC527 FDE *Note: This is coated from the factory in FDE* The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 is 387mm (15.24 inches) long, weighs only 1075g (37.9oz) and reaches 35 mil¬ in height adjustment and 21 mil¬ in side...

    $4,230.00 - $4,855.00
  • ZCO Slimline Scope Mount - ZCO-400-0397

    ZCO Slimline Scope Mount

    Slim Line - 20.6 MOA Currently The ZCO Slim-Line mount with 6Mil pre-tilt was specially developed for professional mounting of ZCO riflescopes and provides very high strength despite its lightweight design. Our mounts are made in Austria and are...

  • ZCO Block Mount - ZCO-400-0377

    ZCO Block Scope Mount

    Block mount The ZCO block mount with 0Mil / 6Mil incline has been specially developed for professional mounting of ZCO riflescopes and is characterized by high precision and strength. Our mounts are made in Austria and are manufactured on...

    $410.00 - $480.00
  • ZCO 8-40x56 ZC840 Riflescope

    Zero Compromise Optic ZC840 8-40x56 Riflescope

    Zero Compromise Optic 8-40x56 ZC840 Riflescope  Pre-Order only, we will contact everyone once they start shipping again. Our engineers have set the next standard for magnification, imaging performance and mechanical precision. The top optical...

    $0.00 - $4,625.00
  • Leupold Performance Eyewear -Tracer - Shadow Gray

    Leupold Performance Eyewear -Tracer

      When you're a dedicated shooter, the Tracer™ is an absolute must-have. ANSI Z87.1+ ballistic protection, interchangeable lenses (included), and weather-resistant coatings are combined with Leupold's unmatched clarity and durability. The...

    $149.99 - $179.99
  • Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56mm LEP-180292

    Leupold MARK 5HD 7-35x56mm - FFP

    *Note: Please contact us for custom Cerakote Color Options* Leupold MARK 5HD 7-35x56mm Front Focal Plane The Mark 5HD™ 7-35x56mm riflescope gives you the extra magnification you need in order to take advantage of the distances that modern...

    $2,099.00 - $2,399.00
  • Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical Scope Rings - HKP-HTSR-34-L-36PR

    Hawkins Precision - Heavy Tactical Scope Rings

    The Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical scope rings where designed with the competitive shooter in mind. They are a larger frame scope ring designed to have extra rigidity and more features. They come standard with a 4.6″ or 3.6″ long top picatinny rail and...

  • Atlas Bipod BT65-LW17 Gen. 2 CAL ATL-BT65-LW17

    B&T Industries | BT65-LW17 Gen. 2 CAL Atlas Bipod

    BT65-LW17 Gen. 2 CAL Atlas Bipod The CAL (Cant And Loc) Atlas Bipods were developed for shooters that do not desire the Panning feature. The BT65-LW17 mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via the included ADM-170-S Lever. It is comprised of...

  • Vortex Strike Eagle Rifle Scope 5-25x56

    Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 FFP

    VORTEX STRIKE EAGLE 5-25X56 FFP RIFLESCOPE When you're ready to step up your long-distance game, the Strike Eagle gives you more of the tools you need for less than you'd expect. Start with excellent edge-to-edge sharpness, and add a first focal...

    $699.99 - $799.99
  • Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope - 12-40x60mm - LEP-60040

    Leupold MARK 4 Spotting Scope

    MK 4 12-40X60MM MIL DOT SPTR: SPECIAL ORDER - LEP-53756   Mark 4 12-40x60mm TMR Spotting Scope - LEP-60040 Description: Matte Tactical Milling Reticle Xtended Twilight Lens System DiamondCoat 2 Folded Light Path Smooth Focusing Armor coated,...

    $1,799.99 - $2,499.99
  • Leupold MARK 5HD 3.6-18x44mm - LEP-180726

    Leupold MARK 5HD 3.6-18x44mm - FFP

    *Note: Please contact us for custom Cerakote Color Options* Mark 5HD 3.6-18X44mm Riflescope - Front Focal Plane Pick up a Mark 5HD™ and you’ll feel the difference: it’s up to 20 ounces lighter than other scopes in its class. Get...

    $1,799.99 - $2,699.99
  • MDT Metal Magazines Short Action


    PLEASE NOTE: Certain U.S. jurisdictions including California restrict firearm magazines sales. CS Tactical cannot process sales/shipments prohibited by law. Please check your local and state laws before trying to purchase.  DETAILS MDT...

    $64.99 - $89.99
  • MDT CKYE-POD PRS Short Single Pull 106291-BLK


    PRODUCT DETAILS If you're a hunter or a match shooter looking for a game-changing piece of gear, look no further than the MDT Bipod. Quality craftsmanship and fast, simple, one-handed adjustments make this bipod the ultimate platform for stability...

    $599.95 - $999.95
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