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  • Flatline Ops Halo-X Scope Level FLO-30034-HXB

    Flatline Ops Halo-X Scope Level

    HALO-X™ ULTRA PRECISION RIGID SCOPE LEVEL - AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY The latest level innovation from our design team at Flatline Ops. Our new Halo-X is a game changer. Originally designed for Leupold's Mark 5HD (U.S. Army PSR, M110 and MK22)...

    $98.99 - $112.99
  • Vortex Bubble Level Scope Hunting

    Vortex Bubble Levels Lo Pro & Standard

    This slim, low-profile design allows the Bubblevel to be mounted on most scopes without removing the scope from the rifle. It is easily visible without losing the sight picture. Mounts quickly and easily to the riflescope tube. Made in the USA.

    $34.99 - $49.99
2 of 2 Items